Malta is a beautiful island which is situated in the south of Italy and in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. This island has got two languages that are used officially here. They are Maltese and English. Earlier in 1963, Malta was ruled by the British Commonwealth, in 2005 90% of the people in Malta spoke Maltese and 6% spoke English since the year 2005. It was found that 3% of Malta people spoke multilingual language. Though there seems to be apparently less English speakers on Malta, it is yet considered to be a high percentage in comparison to the other countries who are looking for English teachers. Are you planning to teach adult English courses in Malta? Well, if so, then you need to through about the subject since there is a lot of competition in Malta.

Have a look at 4 steps to teach adult English courses in Malta.

1.Obtain the necessary certificate –
In order to teach adult English courses Malta, you must obtain the TEFL certificate. This certificate is required if you want to teach English in Malta. You should also have the permission to teach in Malta and for this, you should possess proper training. At times, people may gain experience by working even when they haven’t taken the necessary training. Such situations happen in very exceptional cases.

2.Search for the job – Usually, you need to sign a contract when you get a job. Since you want to teach adult English courses, the schools in Malta would like to appoint you. They may check your knowledge before offering you the job. As such, be prepared before you appear for an interview in a reputed school. Even some private companies in Malta may want to hire you so that you may take up adult English courses Malta of their employees.

3.Starts the approved application method -
The application method in Malta may be too long and at times, even extended. It may even require the time period of nine months for sanction. This is needed since the government must confirm if you’ve taken proper training and also if you are a native English speaker.

4.Starts your work quickly –
The weekly work timing for the teachers in Malta is nearly 40 hours. The teachers may be paid between 100 to 200 Euros in a week. Well, this will depend entirely on their experience and knowledge of the Maltese language. Nearly 20% of your remuneration will be taken for the taxes.


So, if you are planning to teach in Malta and take up adult English courses Malta, you must have sufficient knowledge on the subject. Only then you will be able to attain success in your profession.

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